Business E-Mail Accounts

Online mailboxes for your business

Become Your Own Post Office

Business email accounts -- also known as POP accounts -- allow you to receive email using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora. They are server based and can be used to give each of employee or department a separate mailbox for receiving mail.

What Is a Business Email Account?

Each business email account is a dedicated, private mailbox for the receipt of email messages. Each account is created on FatCow's mail server and can be accessed by any client- or Web-based email tool. Each mailbox is formatted on the popular POP standard for near-universal accessibility.


  • Set up each employee or department with a dedicated mailbox.
  • Customize each box with a dedicated alias, or for examples.
  • Download mail to your personal computer’s email application, such as Eudora ™, Outlook Express™ or Outlook™


$30.00/year for 5 extra POP Boxes.
$60.00/year for 10 extra POP Boxes.

Getting Started

  • Click the "Get Started" button and complete the registration form.
  • Go to the Members Area and click the "Business Mailboxes" link.
  • Set up your email accounts to meet your needs.