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Website Backup and Restore

Protect your data with Website Backup & Restore

Be prepared for accidents, data loss, and hackers with our Website Backup and Restore that provides access to our automatic file backups (up to 2 weeks back). It also comes up with a method to easily restore backups onto the server and easily create manual files. 

Please note that Website Back up and Restore does not provide email or mailbox backups.

  • Hassle-free automatic file backups.
  • Easy to restore files onto the server.
  • Select all files or specific files to restore from a backup.
  • Manually create a backup anytime using the tool.
  • Low yearly cost.
  • Great for protecting investments (premium add-ons, plugins, themes, etc.).
  1. Log in to your account and click on the Hosting tab, then Website Backup & Restore.
    Website Backup & Restore
  2. Click on View Plans if you have not already purchased the service.
    View the different plans
  3. Select the term and price from the drop-down arrow and click on Buy Now.
    Select term and price
  4. Make sure your billing looks correct, and click on Checkout.
  5. The summary is displayed on the Website Backup & Restore page.

After purchasing a Website Backup and Restore plan, please see the article below for further instructions:
File Management: How to Backup and Restore Files