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Online Security: Shared SSLs

Shared SSL FAQ

What is a shared SSL?

A special type of SSL that can be used across all of FatCow's shared hosting accounts by utilizing a 'https://username.fatcow.com' web address instead of the typical 'https://www.your-domain.com' address.

Do I have to pay money for using FatCow's shared SSL?

All FatCow shared hosting customers can use the shared SSL free of charge. The shared SSL is not available for VPS or dedicated hosting customers.

Can I make a shared SSL work with just my domain?

No. You will need a dedicated SSL if you want the SSL to reflect your unique domain name.

Does a Shared SSL come with a Site Seal?

No. If you want an SSL Site Seal, you will need to upgrade to either a Dedicated SSL or EV SSL.

SSLs and 301 Redirects

You can use a 301 redirect to force website visitors to use a secure 'https' address when visiting your site instead of the regular 'http' address. Using a 301 redirect helps to prevent users from getting 'insecure' or 'unsafe' warnings in their internet browser.

We highly recommend that you set up a 301 redirect whenever you use an SSL. If you are not sure how to set up a 301 redirect, learn how to with our knowledge base article or chart with us to have our FatCow Professional Services team set it up for a small fee.

How to Use FatCow's Shared SSL

To use the free Shared SSL, please read this article: Enable Your Free SSL Certificate.