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Configuring: Connecting to your site using SFTP (settings)


To connect to your site using SFTP, please use the settings provided below. Specific steps and order of settings may vary for different clients. In the following example we will use FileZilla as an SFTP client:

  1. If you don't have an FTP client, we recommend that you download FileZilla (free)
  2. Open FileZilla.
  3. Go to File -> SiteManager. The SiteManager settings dialog is displayed. Enter the following information under the General tab.

    • Host Name/Address: ftp.PrimaryDomain, where PrimaryDomain is your hosting account primary domain, set in DomainCentral

      • example: (where is the primary domain)

    • Port: 2222
    • Logontype: Normal
    • Server Type: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
    • User ID: FTP username (The Master FTP username is typically your account username.)
    • Password: FTP password (The password for the master account is typically your account password.)

  4. Click Connect
  5. You may receive an "Unknown Host Key" dialog. If so, select "Always trust this host", and click OK.

The FTP Management page lists your master FTP account and any additional FTP users, if included in your plan.
Updated 02/09/16

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