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Getting Started: What is Secure FTP?


FTP stands for file transfer protocol, and is used to transfer files from one location to another, usually between servers or from a local machine to a server hosting your Web Site. Secure FTP works pretty much the same way as FTP, except that the files you are transferring are encrypted, and therefore secured.

SFTP encrypts the files during transmission, thereby reducing hacking risks and many other mal-intent risks. The downsides are that the settings are a bit more complex, and there are fewer clients who support SFTP. However, once you configure the settings, the connection is just as simple as with FTP, just as fast, and more secure. 

The following clients offer SFTP:

  • FileZilla (recommended by FatCow)
  • WS-FTP (Pro version only)
  • SmartFTP
  • CuteFTP (Pro version only) 
To learn how to configure FileZilla click here.
Updated 02/06/16

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