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Configuring: Publishing multiple sites with WebSite Creator


You can publish multiple sites using the Website Creator by CM4all. One free WebSite Creator Limited site is included with your hosting account and additional Limited, Premium, and E-Commerce sites can be purchased separately.

When you publish a site with WebSite Creator, you publish it to a specific directory. If you have more than one site purchased with WebSite Creator, they must be published to different directories. Once you have published your sites, you have many choices for their display:

  1. You can purchase a number of domains and point them to the site directories. To learn how to point domains, see the Domain Redirect Tutorial.
  2. You can purchase one domain, and connect the sites through links included on the main domain site
  3. You can display one site as a subdirectory or subdomain of the main domain

Depending on your specific needs, there are many possibilities available.

Updated 02/13/16

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