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Configuring: Uploading your site using FrontPage


Before you can upload a created site, you need to enable your FrontPage extensions from the control panel. Then, to upload:

  1. Open the site in Microsoft FrontPage
  2. click File --> Publish Web (FrontPage 2002) or
    File --> Publish Site
    (FrontPage 2003)
    • publish destination -, where username is your account username.
      The log on prompt is displayed.
  3. Enter your username and password (as described below) for your account.
    1. For Windows:
      Please verify your username on this page before proceeding
      • servername:
      • username: as shown on this page 
      • password: account password
    2. For UNIX:
      • servername:
      • username: username
      • password: account password
  4. Once your information is verified, your site will begin to publish.
Updated 02/08/16

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