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Getting Started: Using the Domain Pointing Manager


The Domain Pointing Manager allows you to specify domain pointers, or redirects, for all domains managed in your account. There are four different types of pointers:

  • Home Directory - your domain points to the main directory of your hosting account
  • Sub Directory - your domain points to a specified subdirectory of your hosting account
  • URL - your domain points to a URL outside your hosting account. Choose either a standard or a stealth redirect.
    • Standard Redirect - creates an HTML file that redirects traffic to the address you specify. Your visitors will see a blank page for a moment while being redirected to the target URL.
    • Stealth Redirect - creates an invisible frame set with the target URL in the main frame. Visitors will see the original URL in their browser window and the page of the target URL in the middle. Users will navigate within the frame set and the original URL should not change.
  • Domain parking - your domain displays relevant information and links which are created automatically, by a third party. For example, a message saying that this domain is currently under construction.

In addition, you can choose to manage other domains, owned by you, in your FatCow hosting account. To do so:

  1. Contact your domain's Registrar and ask them to change your domain nameservers to:
  2. Enter the domain name in Domain Pointing Manager, the Add another domain to account section.
Updated 02/08/16

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