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Configuring: Setting the control panel appearance preferences


To set the control panel appearance preferences:

  1. Log into the appearance settings page.
  2. Choose the preset layout from the Available Presets list in the left column. As you select the preset, an example of its appearance is displayed on the right, in the Preset Preview column.
  3. If you are happy with the preset as is, simply click Update Appearance Settings.
  4. For the Icon, IconPlus, and Text presets there are further customization options available. To reach these, click Advanced Options, after selecting the preset.
  5. The advanced options are divided into 3 steps:
    1. Page Layout - choose to have the Widgets column on the left or on the right
    2. Icon display - choose to display your links as icons with text, or just text
    3. Widget display - choose which widgets to display and in what order
    4. Click Update Appearance Settings.
Updated 02/11/16

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