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Getting Started: Initiating an automatic registrar transfer on a domain registered elsewhere


If you would like to transfer a .com, .net, .biz, .org, or .info domain, you can use the Registrar Transfer tool. Follow the steps below to initiate the transfer process:

  1. Check that the requirements for registrar transfer have been met.

  2. In the Registrar Transfer Tool, click Add Domain to add a domain registered elsewhere to the Current Domain Names list.

    If the domain cannot be transferred automatically, the Transfer Status displays a Manual Transfer link. Follow this link to transfer the domain registrar manually.

    If the registrar for this domain can be transferred automatically, the Transfer Status will change to the Transfer Now link.

    All other status values are available here, or by clicking on the question mark icon.

  3. Click the Transfer Now link to continue the transfer process and to advance to the Registrar Transfer Request page.

    The Registrar Transfer Request page shows the current state of requirements for the registrar transfer. If available, the Whois information is shown at the bottom of the page. The Whois provides all the required information to complete this page. If the Whois is not displayed at the bottom of the page, go directly to Whois.

  4. For all unchecked boxes on the Registrar Transfer Request page, an action must be taken. You must find the required information and make sure that it meets the requirements. See Registrar Transfer Request for help. If the information is entered incorrectly, this page is redisplayed with no error messages.

  5. Once you have successfully completed the transfer request, follow any instructions that you receive in an email from our registrar on how to approve the request. You may also receive an email from your current registrar asking for confirmation. You'll need to follow the instructions in these emails to confirm your desire to transfer.
A successful domain transfer will result in the extension of your registration period for an additional year beyond the current expiration date.

Updated 02/06/16

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