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Configuring: Setting up Microsoft Entourage to access the FatCow Exchange Mailbox

The following steps outline how to set up Entourage 2004 to access your Exchange Mailbox.

If you already have Entourage installed:

  1. If you are running Entourage version 11.0.X or 11.1.X, you must install SP2 for Mac Office & Entourage. Version 11.2.X includes SP2.

  2. Once SP2 for Mac Office & Entourage has been installed, download and install the latest update 11.2.1 at Microsoft's site.
  3. Continue with step 4 of the Setup Steps.
Setup Steps:
  1. Log into Mail Central, and then click Access to the right of your Exchange Mailbox.
  2. Make note of your username/email address and SAM name for use in later steps.
  3. If you have not already installed Entourage, follow these steps. Otherwise, skip to step 4.

    1. Click the link for downloading Entourage 2004. A prompt displays.
    2. Enter the email address and password for the Exchange Mailbox, and then click OK.
    3. Save the file.
    4. Double-click the file to install Entourage.

  4. Start Entourage 2004.
  5. Select Tools > Accounts to open the Accounts box.
  6. Click on the Exchange tab, and then click New. The Account Setup Assistant opens.

  7. Click Configure account manually. The Edit Account box opens.

  8. Complete the fields with the following information:

    Note: Information for each mailbox is on the Setup Information page. Log into MailCentral, and then click Access to the right of your Exchange Mailbox.

    Account Name:
    Enter a title for the Mailbox, such as Exchange Mail.

    Personal InforMation

    Enter your name, as you want it to appear as the sender
    E-Mail address:
    Your FatCow Exchange e-Mail address (

    Server Information

    Account ID:
    Enter the User Name, as shown in the Your Exchange Server Information section of the Access Information page (company.username, such as YourDomain.JohnDoe).
    Domain: MAIL
    Enter the password for the mailbox.
    Exchange Server:

    • For Exchange Server 2003: 

    • For Exchange Server 2007:
      where MailboxName is  your exchange mailbox as shown in the Mailbox Information section of  the Access Information page.    

    Select the This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox.
    Leave the Override default DAV port checkbox blank (unchecked) with the 443 value.

  9. Click the Advanced tab to view additional settings.

  10. Complete the following information:

    Public Folder Settings
    Public Folder Server:

    Leave all other defaults settings, as shown in the previous screen example:

    This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox is selected.
    Override default DAV port: 443 is not selected.

    Directory Settings
    LDAP server:
    This server requires me to log on checkbox is selected by default.
    The following checkboxes should not be selected (default settings): This LDAP server requires a secure connection (SSL) and Override default LDAP port: 3268.

  11. Click OK to save your account settings. Entourage prompts you to begin synchronizing with your Exchange Mailbox.
  12. Click OK to continue. Synchronization runs in the background.

For additional information on using Entourage, use online help (Help > Entourage Help) or visit

In addition to using Entourage, you may use Outlook Web Access.

Updated 02/13/16

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