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Configuring: Converting current POP/IMAP mailboxes to Exchange

Converting a mailbox to Exchange will create a new mailbox on the Exchange server with the same address and password as the converted POP/IMAP mailbox.

To convert an existing POP/IMAP mailbox to an Exchange mailbox:
  1. Log into MailCentral. Under Current Addresses, Exchange Mailboxes the created and the available number of mailboxes are listed. If there are no available Exchange mailboxes listed, please go back to the beginning of the process to purchase an Exchange mailbox.

  2. For the address you want to change, click Convert to Exchange.

    Note: If the Convert to Exchange link is not available, review the restrictions on mailbox conversion eligibility.
    If you find that your mailbox is not eligible for conversion, you can create a new Exchange mailbox.

    After clicking on the Convert to Exchange link, the Convert Mailbox to Exchange page is displayed. Notice that the mailbox name is the same as the original POP/IMAP mailbox name, and the password has been preserved as well.

  3. Mailbox Type. From the pull down list select the mailbox size for your new Exchange mailbox. For each size in the list, you are notified how many mailboxes are available, or have been purchased but not yet configured. If you do not see the availability notification, you must go back to the beginning of the process and purchase an Exchange mailbox.

  4. Complete the Global Address List Information section.
Updated 02/13/16

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