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Getting Started: Using the FatCow Control Panel


The FatCow Control Panel is our online system for you to manage all aspects of your hosting plan. This overview describes the main features of the Control Panel and contains links to more detailed topics on using the tools.


Accessing the Control Panel
You can access your Control Panel from any computer connected to the Internet.
  1. Go to

  2. Enter your account username and password, and then click Log In to access the Control Panel.

  3. When you are done, click Log Out to clear your login information.

Note: You can also log in at our Website:

Using the Control Panel
The Control Panel has three main areas: Shortcuts, Management Tools and Monitors, as indicated in the following screen example.

Control Panel

Shortcuts are links at the top of the page for quick access to the most frequently used account management tools.

Control Panel Shortcuts

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Management Tools
The main section of the Control Panel has sections for groups of similar tools to help you create and manage your site.*

Control Panel Management Tools

  • Web Site Management contains tools to create and monitor your site, manage and upload files, work with databases, add features, such as shopping carts and counters, and submit your site to search engines.

  • Email Management contains tools to add and modify email addresses and forwards, manage spam filtering, set autoresponders and access WebMail.

  • Domain Management contains tools to manage and transfer domain names.

  • Account Management contains links to manage account information, such as contact email addresses and passwords, and to view payment history.

*Note: The links available in each section vary based on your hosting plan.

Enabling Management Tools
Colored indicator lights appear to the left of each tool in a section.
  • Green indicates that the tool is enabled and ready for use.

  • Red indicates that the tool is not yet active and that you need to click the link to enable the tool manually.

Example: In the following screenshot, the Cyber Guestbook tool is currently disabled.

Help and Upgrade Options
The right side of heading bar for each section contains two buttons:
  • The Help button takes you to the area of our Knowledgebase that corresponds to the tools in the section.

  • The Upgrade button provides information about upgrades to your account or the tools in the section.

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To the right of the Management Tools area, several monitors show up-to-date information about your plan.**

Control Panel Monitors
  • Disk Usage displays the amount of storage space used and available on your plan.

  • Bandwidth displays the amount of bandwidth used and available on your plan in this quarter.

  • Mailboxes** indicates the number of mailboxes used and available on your plan.

  • Domains/Subdomains** lists the domains and/or subdomains associated with your plan.

Each monitor has two links:
  • The Details link takes you to a detailed view of the monitor.

  • The Add More link allows you to increase the available amount for that feature.

**Note: Some monitors, such as Mailboxes and Domains, are only available when the feature is part of your plan.

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Updated 02/06/16

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