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Configuring: Manually transferring a domain name to FatCow's registrar


There are two ways to transfer a domain - automatic and manual. If your domain ends in a .com, .net, .biz, .org, or .info, you can use the Registrar Transfer tool, and transfer this domain automatically. For more information on this process, follow automatic registrar transfer instructions.

To initiate a manual domain transfer to FatCow, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the requirements for registrar transfer have been met.

  2. Email the following information to or fax it to 781-998-8586:

    Note: All fields are required unless otherwise specified.

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Organization Name:
    Street Address:
    *optional* Address 2 (e.g.: Suite #245):
    *optional* Address 3:
    Postal Code:
    Phone Number (eg. 416-555-1122):
    *optional* Fax Number:
    Domain name:

    We will then begin the process of transferring the domain from your current registrar to ours.

  3. Follow any instructions that you receive in an email from our registrar on how to approve the request. You may also receive an email from your current registrar asking for confirmation. You'll need to follow the instructions in these emails to confirm your desire to transfer.

A successful domain transfer will result in the extension of your registration period for an additional year beyond the current expiration date.

For consistency, your domain username and password will be the same as your account username and password.
Updated 02/05/16

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