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Troubleshooting: I have updated my Website statistics, but they still appear to be old.

The statistics on the Usage Statistics page can appear to be out of date when your Web browser is using cached results.
Note: Browsers store pages you view in a special location called cache to make it faster to open pages on repeat visits. Often this information becomes out dated. To update statistics: 
  1. Clear the browser’s cache.
    Steps for clearing cache vary by browser. Instructions follow for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. If your browser is not listed, check the online help in your browser for instructions on how to clear or empty the cache.
    • Internet Explorer
      1. ChooseTools > Internet Options.
      2. In the Temporary Internet files section of the General tab, click the Delete Cookies button, and then click OK to confirm the action. Deletion may take a few minutes.
      3. In the History section, click the Clear History button, and then click Yes to confirm the action.
      4. Click OK to close the Internet Options box.
    • Mozilla Firefox
      1. Choose Tools > Options.
      2. On the left, click Privacy to display the Privacy category.
      3. To the right of the Cache heading, click the Clear button.
      4. Click OK to close the Options box.
    • Apple Safari
      1. Choose Safari > Empty Cache.
      2. Click Empty to confirm the action.
  2. Return to the Usage Statistics page for your site at (where username is your plan username) to view your updated statistics reports.
Updated 02/08/16

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