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Configuring: Uploading pictures to a SiteDelux site


There are four primary methods to upload images for use with SiteDelux. We recommend the use of the utilities included in the Picture Gallery which include:

  • Browse and select upload: This option permits you to upload 1-10 files at a time
  • Auto extracted zip file upload: This option permits you to upload a zip file with all of the desired images in a single .zip file. SiteDelux will automatically extract all of the files within the zip file and place them in your Picture Gallery.
  • Bulk Upload: This option provides an installable java-based utility that will permit you to select any number of image files from a directory and upload to your Picture Gallery with a single click action. 

While we prefer that you use the Picture Gallery function of SiteDelux to upload your pictures, we offer a tool in your Member's Area that allows you to browse for pictures on your computer and upload them to a directory of your choice. This tool is called FTP.

To use FTP:

  1. Download an FTP client of your choice. FatCow recommends FileZilla.
  2. Enter FTP settings to access your site:

    • Hostname: ftp.PrimaryDomain (where PrimaryDomain is your hosing account primary domain, set in DomainCentral; example: - where is the primary domain
    • Username: your ftp username(usually the same as your hosting account username)
    • Password: your ftp password (usually the same as your hosting account password)
  3. Once connected, note the list of files on folders on the right screen.
  4. To access your site's picutre directory:
    1. Click sitebuildercontent
    2. then click sitebuilderpictures
  5. Note the list of the files on your hard drive on the left side. Locate the folder where you store your pictures.
  6. To transfer your pictures to your site's picture gallery, select the file name of your picture and drag it to the right. You can do this for multiple files at a time.
Updated 02/13/16

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