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Domain Registration: How To Renew Your Domain

Renewing a domain means that you're extending the registration period for that domain. For example, if a domain is set to expire in 2015, renewing it for one year will set a new expiration date in 2016. This article shows you how to renew your domains manually, but we encourage you to consider taking advantage of our automated domain renewal service.

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Step by Step Walkthrough

  1. Log in to your FatCow Control Panel.
  2. Go to Domain Central.
  3. Click on the domain you want to renew.
  4. Click Renew.
  5. Use the drop-down menu to select how many years you want to renew your domain.
  6. Click on the Renew button.
  7. Use the next screen to select a payment method.
  8. Click Checkout.
  9. Return to Domain Central. You'll see a confirmation that your domain renewal is being processed.

Domain Renewal FAQs

My Domain Expired, Can I Still Renew It?

Yes, so long as the domain has not been expired for too long. To renew your domain, simply follow the steps provided above. You can also set your domain to automatically renew so that it does not expire again in the future.

Why Do I Get An Error When I Try To Renew My Domain?

Please contact us for help renewing your domain.

My Domain Is Registered With FatCow, But Why Can't I See An Option To Renew It?

It is possible that you may need to simply refresh the information being displayed for your domain. To refresh your domain:

  1. Log in to your FatCow Control Panel.
  2. Go to Domain Central.
  3. Click on the domain you need to refresh.
  4. Click Overview (may already be selected by default).
  5. Click   Refresh.
  6. Refresh your browser screen.

If you still do not see an option to renew your domain, please contact us.

When I Renew My Hosting, Does It Renew My Domain Too?

No. Domains and hosting are billed separately. If a free domain or free domain credit was granted to you at the beginning of your hosting account, that domain would renew as a separate item from the hosting.

Another Company, Not FatCow, Contacted Me To Renew My Domain. What Should I Do?

Ignore it. If your domain is registered with FatCow, nobody else should contact you regarding your domain's renewal. FatCow does not share your contact information with other companies, though they can still obtain your contact information by using a public Whois Lookup unless you have Domain Privacy.

Often, these "reminders" are actually disguised requests to transfer your domain from FatCow to their company. Because of the fine print and legal jargon responding to these companies could result in having your domain transferred away from FatCow.

While we don't mind you using alternative companies to manage your domains, we want to help you protect yourself from these types of companies. If you're ever in doubt about a communication you receive, please contact us.

Why Does My Domain Say It Requires Additional Assistance?

The domain did not successfully go through FatCow's automated process. We are looking into this and will be in contact with you. You will receive a message at your FatCow account's administrative email address within 2-4 hours.

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