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Account: How To Change Your Account Password

FatCow allows you to change your password at any time. You can either change your password once you have logged in, or by creating a password reset email.

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How To Change Your Account Password

  1. Log in to your FatCow Control Panel.
  2. Go to Change Password.
  3. Type in a New Password.
  4. Confirm your New Password.
  5. Click Change Password.

Minimum Password Requirements

Weak Fair Strong Very Secure
6 Total Characters
1 Number
0 Special Characters
1 Uppercase Letter
1 Lowercase Letter
6 Total Characters
1 Number
1 Special Character
1 Uppercase Letter
1 Lowercase Letter
6 Total Characters
2 Numbers
1 Special Character
1 Uppercase Letter
1 Lowercase Letter
8 Total Characters
2 Numbers
2 Special Characters
1 Uppercase Letter
1 Lowercase Letter

Additional Requirements:

  • When changing your account password, the new password must meet the Strong or Very Secure minimum requirements.
  • 45 maximum total characters allowed.
  • Must be different than your account username.
  • When changing your account password, the new password cannot match the last three passwords used on the account.
  • Your browser must allow cookies on FatCow's website (this is already enabled by default).

Password FAQs

What Is A Special Character?

A special character is described as a punctuation symbol or other non-alpha-numeric character. For example:

  • ! Exclamation Mark
  • @ Commercial At
  • # Number Sign
  • $ Dollar Sign
  • % Percent Sign
  • ^ Circumflex Accent
  • & Ampersand
  • * Asterisk
  • ? Question Mark
  • _ Underscore
  • ~ Tilde
  • , Comma
  • . Period
  • / Forward Slash
  • < Less-Than Sign
  • > Greater-Than Sign
  • - Hyphen, Minus Sign
  • = Equals Sign
  • + Plus Sign
  • ( Left Parenthesis
  • ) Right Parenthesis
  • ] Right Square Bracket
  • { Left Curly Bracket
  • } Right Curly Bracket
  • ; Semi-Colon
  • : Colon
  • | Vertical Line, Vertical Bar
  • \ Back Slash
  • " Quotation Mark
  • ' Apostraphe

How Can I Create A Secure Password?

Social engineering and brute force are popular ways for hackers to gain access to your account. Here are additional recommendations to help make your password even more secure:

  • Use a longer password. Longer passwords are generally more secure than shorter passwords.
  • Mix, match, and replace letters for numbers or special characters (such as using "@" for "a").
  • Avoid commonly used passwords and password variations (such as "password12!" or "admin123!").
  • Avoid using passwords that match well-known information about yourself (such as your last name).
  • Make your password memorable so that you do not have to save it into your browser. Anyone with direct access to your computer can locate your saved passwords.

Important: We also recommend that you create a secure password for your administrative email address.

How Can I Make My Secure Password Easier To Remember?

Recording your password anywhere (such as writing it down on a piece of paper, typing it into a text file on your computer, or saving it to your computer browser) can increase the risk of your password becoming compromised. Creating a memorable password can help increase its security because you will not need to record it anywhere. Here are some ideas you can use to make your secure password more memorable:

  • Consider using an entire phrase for your password (example: "TheChickenCame-1st")
  • Consider trading out regular letters for special characters (example: "Th33ggC@m3F1rst")
  • Consider logging in to your FatCow Control Panel regularly.

How Do I Change My Password If I Can't Log In?

You can trigger a password reset from the log in screen. If you are experiencing any issues receiving the password reset email or are otherwise unable to log in, please contact us for help.

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