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Account password

This article explains how to set a secure password for your account, how to retrieve your password if you forgot it, and how to set your security question.

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Set a secure password for your hosting account

To create a secure password for your account, go to Password Change. Notice that as you start to type in your new password, the password strength meter will indicate the strength of your password. To heighten security, and avoid any possible corruptions of your account, please create the strongest password possible. Here are the criteria:

  • Unacceptable - Has 5 or fewer Characters
  • Weak - Has 6 or more Characters, including
    • 1 or more Numbers
    • 0 Special Characters
    • 1 or more Uppercase Characters
    • 1 or more Lowercase Characters
  • Fair - Has 6 or more Characters, including:
    • 1 or more Numbers
    • 1 or more Special characters
    • 1 or more Uppercase Characters
    • 1 or more Lowercase characters
  • Strong - Has 6 or more Characters, including:
    • 2 or more Numbers
    • 1 or more Special Characters
    • 1 or more Uppercase characters
    • 1 or more Lowercase characters
  • Very Secure - Has 8 or more characters, including:
    • 2 or more Numbers
    • 2 or more Special Characters
    • 1 or more Uppercase characters
    • 1 or more Lowercase characters 

NOTE: A Special Character is defined as one of the following symbols: !@#$%^&*?_~,./<>-=+()[]{};:`|\"'

When creating or changing your plan password (which is the same as your FTP/FrontPage password), FatCow requires that you use at least a "strong" password (as shown in the above criteria). Strong passwords meet the following criteria:

  • Contains six or more characters (45 characters maximum)
  • Contains at least two numbers, at least one Special Character, at least one Uppercase letter, and at least one Lowercase letter
  • Must be different than your plan username
  • Cannot be the same as one of your last three passwords


 Change your password to a strong password today! Here are some tips for creating strong passwords:

  • Use more than the minimum allowed number of six characters, since longer passwords are generally more secure than shorter ones.
  • Use punctuation symbols in your password, such as a period ( . ) or an exclamation point ( ! ), and a mix of upper and lowercase letters.
  • Replace a letter or two with a number or symbol that looks similar, such as @ for a or 1 for i.
  • Avoid common words or well known information about yourself (such as birth date and family members' names) as part of your password. Instead, use a word or phrase that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to figure out.
  • Use a memory aid. One common method for creating strong passwords is to create a phrase that only you would understand to use as an aid for remembering your password (mnemonic). For example, a common mnemonic used to help school children remember the notes for the lines of the G clef musical scale (EGBDF, from bottom to top) is "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge." An associated password for that mnemonic could be gClef_3gbdf.

Why Create a Strong Password?
Online criminals are, unfortunately, very sophisticated at figuring out passwords. The strong password requirements enforced by FatCow create much more secure passwords than simple everyday words.

Create or update your security questions and answer through your control panel

  1. Log into the control panel
  2. Under Account Information, click Set Security Question
  3. Select either New Profile or Existing Profile radio button
    • If you selected New Profile, enter the First Name and Last Name for the new profile
  4. Select your Security Question
  5. Enter a Security Answer
  6. Click Save

Can't log in to your hosting account because of incorrect or forgotten password

If you cannot remember your account password, we can reset it for you. The new, reset password is sent to your Administrator email account.

  1. On the login page, click the Forgot Username or Password? link, which is located next to the Log In button.

  2. You will be taken to the "Resend Password" page. Enter your username or domain name for the account you wish to access, then click Reset Account Password.

  3. An email will be sent to the Administrator email address that you have set for the account . For information on setting this email address, please refer to the Contact Addresses on File with your Account knowledgebase article.
  4. In the email that is sent to your Administrator email address, there will be a link that, when accessed, will take you into your account to set a new password. This link is valid for one hour from the time it is generated.

NOTE: If you receive this email but do not want to change your password, please disregard the email. Your password will NOT be reset unless you access the link that is emailed to you.

Can't log in to your hosting account at all

To log in to FatCow, you will need to have cookies enabled on your browser. The use of cookies allows us to provide you with a more personalized experience and better service. At FatCow, we are committed to your privacy. Our use of cookies does not jeopardize the security of your information in any way. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Statement

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