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UPDATE 10:00PM EST - Email Delivery Delays & Login Errors

UPDATE 10:00PM EST - At this time, mail delivery is back to normal. All queued messages have been delivered to mailboxes and new messages are delivering as expected. Mail logins (via POP, IMAP, and webmail) are working normally. We are keeping our team engaged overnight to continue working on the root cause of the issue and to make sure that this issue doesn't return tomorrow. Our team will be monitoring this situation closely.

We, again, apologize for this inconvenience and we're determined to fix this situation and give you the service you deserve. 

UPDATE 7:15PM EST - The fixes that we have implemented have made some improvements to email delivery. With that said, we know customers are still experiencing delays in email delivery and we will be actively engaged until all mail is being delivered as expected. We want to assure you that there will be no loss of email as a result of this problem - Messages that have not yet been delivered are being queued up and will be delivered as soon as possible. In addition to the delays, we're hearing some reports of email login errors. We believe we have tracked down the cause of those as well and we're in the process of remedying that problem. We continue to work with our storage vendor to resolve these problems and any of their residual effects. We apologize once more for any inconvenience this issue has caused you. Please stay tuned here for more updates.


UPDATE 4:45PM EST - We have engaged our storage vendor and are working directly with them to solve this problem. We are in the process of making some configuration changes that we believe will move us towards resolution, but they will take some time to implement. We apologize once more for any inconvenience this problem might be causing you. We know that reliable email access is a cornerstone of any online presence and that's something we take very seriously. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this problem. More updates will be posted here as they become available.


We are currently aware of a problem causing delivery delays for both inbound and outbound email. You may see that messages are delayed by upwards of 30 minutes, but most are delivered much quicker than that. We have both our Engineering and Network Operations teams engaged to fix the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you in the meantime. More updates will be posted here as they become available.


- 08/28/13 at 11:29 ET